The history of our brand

A story of intuition, sensitivity and passion since 1997: these are the ingredients of the Best Color recipe, a 100% Made in Italy make-up brand founded by Salvatore Izzo.

The right idea at the right time? Not exactly. Neither are fortuitous astral crossroads. Do you know that moment when you realize you have a packed suitcase to travel wherever, whenever, and however you want?

This was the case for Salvatore Izzo that after ten, very dense years of experience in the beauty fieldas a representative of make-up products, decided to direct its dreams of entrepreneur toward a destination yet to be constructed, but that he already had in his mind: he bore Best Color make-up Best Color make up, an Italian cosmetic brand with its specific products for lips and eyes. The first, iconic ones, but not the only ones. Today the brand has a complete make-up line, with more than 400 products in different shades. And he has a fresh face: that of Serena Izzo, her father’s right-hand man, a very young Manager and Marketing Director from whom the best ideas for the stages of product development take shape. The godmother par excellence of the brand’s new creatures, shortly. The godmother par excellence of the brand’s new creatures, in short.

Behind Best Color make up there is all the Italian quality, the careful study that takes place in the best qualified laboratories to guarantee the highest performance with ultra-advanced products that are dermatologically, ophthalmologically, clinically tested and, last but not least, strictly Cruelty-free.

Best Color has been speaking to all make-up lovers with balanced and affordable prices for 25 years now. Because it intends to accompany anyone in the game of beauty.

Best Color believes in the magnetism of uni queness and enhances it with equally unique products: it follows new trends, but reinterprets them with its very personal, multifaceted point of view.

Best Color make-up is the result of an authentic cosmetic research, straight to the substance, straight to the heart.

And it is also an evolving reality. Just like you.

Our Team

Cutting-edge make-up means … winning team.

The selection of active ingredients and advanced components of each product are the result of tireless research. Our entire production nucleus works in synergy and with extreme professionalism for results with a high rate of effectiveness. Every choice, from packaging design to product finish, does not escape strict rules, thorough studies, imperative controls, and the desire to satisfy the wishes of so many.

What does this translate into? In the formula we have believed in since our beginnings: to give our best so that others can give their best.


Made in Italy

You say “Made in Italy,” you read “excellence,” “deep experience,” “high quality of production.”

Yes, because the taste and the talent strictly Italian emerge from our Missionbut they are also seen, felt, and touched in our products, from the selection of raw materials to the textures to the colors and shapes of individual packaging: a mosaic of Italian distinctiveness which is materialized in every single detail of our project, and which we want to enhance and proudly carry across borders.

Then promoting beauty, in all its facets, also means dressing it in timeless prestige. In fact…color it.