SEMIPERMANENT EYE PENCIL is particularly suitable for those who want to look their best on all occasions, from morning to evening, without the need for “touch-ups on the fly.”

Guaranteed shelf life of 12 hours.


Have you ever had problems with eye pencils disappearing or causing watery eyes? Our semi-permanent eye pencil is the ideal solution for you. It provides 12-hour durability and water and sweat resistance, allowing you to have perfect eye makeup all day long. Its soft, creamy texture ensures maximum adherence and comfort, while its high color release on the first pass allows you to achieve an intense, vibrant look in minutes. The pencil has a special airtight cap that prevents the dispersion of the volatile ingredients in the formula, ensuring longer product life. Try it today and find out how to achieve long-lasting eye makeup without having to worry about touch-ups or watery eyes.

Approved by EEC/FDA/JPN Legislation
Dermatologically Tested


isododecane glyceryl palmitate/stearate hydrogenated microcrystalline ci 77499 paraffinum liquidum cera alba sucrose tetrastearate triacetate mica ci 77891 methylparaben propylparaben lecithin tocopherol ascorbyl palmitate glyceryl stearate glyceryl oleate citric acid pao 12 m 1.4gr ℮ – 0.05 oz