Double sharp ener designed to sharpen 4 different diameters without ruining your pencils.

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BestColor double sharpener made of top-quality plastic material and equipped with German-made super-quality blade for sharpeningpencils and crayons in both wood and pvc.

The double ivory adapter is designed for 4 different pencil diameters: 6 (six) mm, 8 (eight) mm, 10 (ten) mm and 12 (twelve) mm.

It is equipped with a special blade-clearer ideal for cleaning and allows you to always have a perfectly sharpened pencil.

Also equipped with a transparent sharpening compartment that holds within it the residue created in sharpening the pencil while allowing you to be able to see when the compartment is full.


- high quality plastic material

- German super-quality blade

- transparent holding tank

- double ivory adapter