Hi! I’m Serena Izzo and I’m living for my dream


I’m the daughter of Salvatore, founder of this made in Italy company. My passionbrought me here: behind the choices that today make Best Color make-up a creature with a unique soul, in which careful cosmetic research meets italian taste and quality. And then creativity, which never has a single direction, but is the sum of many movements. Just like me. I never stop and i want to push myself further. Because they say that “doing” is never enough, but “making a difference” is my mantra.

Every time I work on a new deal, I have a clear visionon how to put an innovative beauty tool into people’s hands. I bet on myself, doing my bestwith all the energy possible, to bring out the best part in others. Of those who look in the mirror and see in make-up a big or small travel friend.



The destination, as I imagine it, is always the same: that place where you can conquer yourself without too much effort, feel good in your own shoes, make peace with your weaknesses and value yourself. That place, for me, is also make-up. With its infinite shades of color, its amazing texturesand all those moves that accompany its drafting, which remind us how special we are.How uniquely we can express ourselves.

I’m inside my project until the end. Who better than me could know the details? That’s why from behind the scenes, which allowed me to understand the entire beauty universe, to know its techniques, to think about its meanings, I chose to occupy a new place in the company. Which is our own space. Truly shared. I will be there, with the sensitivity and tenacity of always, and you will be there, inspired and full of desires. There will be a desire to experiment, to release our personality traits, to make shine our self-confidence . All of this, for me, means beauty. It means authenticity.

From here on, we’ll really look each other in the eye: I’ll be an exceptional partner in the special make-up game. No rules. But a lot of awareness. The awareness of have built something great and i want to include a world of new people, ideas and inspirations.